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Every project is a new beginning of some kind. My creative priority is to discover fresh approaches and processes in order to capture the appropriate spirit and attitude for a particular project. I am always fascinated by how music and visuals together create a synergy.

Music in the 21st century is an extremely broad concept: there is more freedom now than ever before to evoke emotion with sound - I work extensively with state-of-the-art equipment (and old saucepans if that's what fits the brief!) - but not as a cheap substitute for more traditional methods, rather using different methods for their inherent qualities.

At the end of the day it's all sound, so why limit your palette? Hi-tech doesn't only mean dance styles either - a whole world is now open to us to use all kinds of real, unreal and surreal sound in a musical manner - so dare to be innovative with the soundtrack of your next project!

...blurring the boundaries between the traditional concepts of 'composer' and 'sound designer'.
...producing recorded works sculpted from sonic elements of the visual scene.
...drawing from a diverse range of genres (e.g. electronic, rock, pop, ambient, industrial, dance)

Steve Dracup has produced original music for the theatre, soundtracks for short film (shown at the British Short Film Festival), video, art installations, and also performed live multimedia concerts and spoken word recitals at various venues in London and Europe. Additionally, theAudioSurgery has produced numerous third-party projects, from poetry readings for CD through to recording and mixing acoustic music for film.

Using a broad range of available techniques, from computer processing and sampling to plastic toys and found objects, Steve produces an eclectic and individual soundscape - refreshing originality in a world full of imitation.

From super-clean synth to organic found sounds, via grunge guitar;
from acoustic incense to totally incensed, via the sixth-sense!

Four themed promotional montages demonstrating music composition and production work - available for free download at

original music and soundscapes...

Online production music library available at

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