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Examples of music & voice recordings produced by Steve Dracup at theAudioSurgery, including original music and soundscape compositions:

Four themed promotional montages demonstrating original music composition and production - available for free download at


"Autumn Sequence" from the film "Invisible City" by composer and film-maker Robert Robertson.

©2008 Robert Robertson. All rights reserved.

Poetry reading extract from the CD accompanying the book "250 Grams of Poetry" by Spike Hawkins (ISBN 905755142X).

©2001 Harwood Academic Publishers. All rights reserved.

Voiceover extract from a video produced by Coyote films.

©2004 Coyote Films. All rights reserved.

Original music written and produced by Stephen Dracup:

"Over 2 You" TV theme / intro - production library composition.

©2008 Stephen Dracup. All rights reserved.

original music and soundscapes...

Online production music library available at

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