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Steve Dracup: technical CV

Experience in the music industry spanning many years, beginning with The Townhouse recording studios and later Olympic Studios, both part of the Virgin/EMI group of companies; world-class recording complexes catering to the most demanding of major artists, bands and record labels. These early years provided training to the highest working standards, with a corresponding level of customer service.

Responsibilities in this role include the overall day-to-day technical maintenance of multi-studio complexes, implementing ongoing improvements, preparing sessions and ensuring their smooth-running with minimum downtime through timely and efficient response to arising issues - all within a high pressure client-facing environment.

Projects in which Steve has played a significant role include numerous installations and refits of studio facilities, both large and small scale, including the design and building of custom analogue and digital electronic equipment.

Alongside this technical grounding is a concurrent history of producing and recording music, voice-over and special fx for media production companies, film-makers, composers, theatre, art projects and multimedia installations; all experience which helps to understand a client’s perspective and therefore provide an appropriately prioritised technical support service.



    S k i l l s :


• Installation and maintenance of all types of professional audio equipment, both vintage and state-of-the-art, analogue and digital – mixing consoles, recorders, amplifiers, monitors, fx units etc.
e.g. AMS, Urei, Neumann, AKG, Lexicon, Genelec, Eventide etc. etc…

• Troubleshooting, fault-finding and equipment repairs to component level.

• Custom design and build of equipment (foldback mixer systems, DCA monitor switching systems, machine remote control interfaces etc.)

• Alignment & calibration of Analogue & Digital Recorders, DAT, ADAT, video.

• Conversant with a broad range of audio recording, editing, mixing, and processing systems, including experience of the following:

Digital Audio Workstations and Control Surfaces (Avid/Digidesign Protools, Apple Logic Pro, SADiE, Adobe Audition etc.)
Multitrack and master recorders (Studer, Otari, Ampex, Sony, Mitsubishi etc.)
Analogue & Digital mixing consoles, including large format (SSL, Neve, Yamaha, Tascam etc.)
Analogue & Digital synths, samplers and processing units
Audio-Visual switching, interfacing, clocking and control systems
MIDI sequencing and control protocols
Video synchronisation for sound-to-picture sessions
ISDN links and digital data-reduction/compression formats
AV control, distribution and server systems (Crestron, Kaleidescape etc.)

• Operational experience and technical understanding of desktop video editing, DVD authoring, audio/video codecs, formats and appropriate choices for differing applications.

• Highly computer literate – hardware/software setup of PC and Mac systems to custom specs.

• Working knowledge of microprocessor systems and computer programming.

• Basic conversational Italian language.



    C l i e n t s :


Harris Grant Associates (SuperYacht AV entertainment systems installation)
BBC Languages (speech recordings for website)
Steve Howe ('Yes' guitarist)
Andy Gill ('Music Producer, 'Gang of Four' guitarist)
2 Seas Records, Bahrain (Michael Jackson)
The Suite, Utopia Village
Stanley House Studios

Talvin Singh (Musician/Producer)

Diva Pictures (Ealing Film Studios)
Brook  Lapping  Productions (Teachers TV)

Chrysalis Records
Rui Da Silva (DJ/Remix producer)
BDP learning



    P r o f e s s i o n a l   C e r t i f i c a t i o n s :


Solid State Logic:
4000 G-series Mixing Console maintenance

Studer International:
A820M 24-track tape recorder maintenance

Sony Broadcast:
Principles of Digital Audio
PCM3324 Digital 24-track tape recorder maintenance
PCM1630 Stereo Digital editing/Mastering



    C h r o n o l o g y :


June 2007 - present: Partner
Production Music Producer/Composer/Engineer, GroundUpSound

Nov.1999 - present: Freelance
Recording Studio and AV Installation & Maintenance
Sound Engineer (music, film & media production)

Oct.2001 - Sept.2003:
Technical Engineer, Roundhouse Studios*

The Virgin Studios/EMI years...
Aug. 1988 - Oct. 1999:
Technical Engineer/Chief Tech., Olympic Studios*
Sept. 1984 - Aug. 1988:

Technical Engineer, Townhouse Studios*

* Varied responsibilities including the day-to-day up-keep, development, maintenance and front-line support of recording studios, mastering rooms, project studios and programming rooms.


References available.